The Why Behind Reel Artistry


It’s quite a journey, but that’s the point, right?

Reel Artistry is a place where artists can finally be seen for who they are. They can walk into an audition room to test out audition content. They can work one-on-one to dig deeper into the material. They can get feedback on everything from their resume to their wardrobe. They can stop trying to fit into a mold that a casting director may or may not place them into.

Founder (and actor) Kenny Metzger created Reel Artistry after wanting more from the industry. He wanted to know what directors and casting directors thought behind their impenetrable tables. He created Reel Artistry to help remedy the solution, giving actors the chance to showcase their work in the format of a reel. Kenny wanted more though so he created the structure to demand educational guidance to create not only the reel but a genuine experience.

“I started Reel Artistry because I had a reel made for myself and I was so embarrassed by it," said Metzger. "I thought it was a poor representation of who I am and my talent. I started looking for other companies that would represent me and empower me to make an impactful reel. On this search, I realized that it just did not exist. So, I created a company that would do just that for me and for other actors.”

Overall, Reel Artistry was created for the artist by the artist. It was founded to bring actors closer to the commercial success that they are looking to achieve. Through their educational process, then followed by high-quality video production, Reel Artistry captures a fully realized brand on film for countless other industry professionals to see.

It’s quite a journey, but that’s the point, right?

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