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We love bringing ideas to life—helping you get your story “out there” so that it can reach, affect, and impact more people.

With high-quality video content, it’s so much easier to secure mass attention, grow a devout following, secure investors, and find yourself transferring from YouTube to Broadway!

While we can’t guarantee commercial success, we can help you navigate social media, investors, and other production logistics, all while honoring the original idea and integrity of your work.

We understand the creative process and teamwork required to bring anything to life. We want you to focus on what you do best. Let us do the heavy lifting of producing, marketing, and selling. We’re experts at creating compelling video to highlight your unique strengths and story.

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Why should I hire Reel Artistry?

We are a boutique video production company with a unique niche. Our varied background in the arts and business/entrepreneurship offers innovative methods and perspective on capturing artist-centric content. 

Reel Artistry is a one-stop-shop, assembling custom teams to support your goals and needs. We’re becoming increasingly known in the entertainment sphere for the heightened quality of our videography, in addition to the thoughtful development process we create for each client; bringing forth the raw, authentic essence of every brand we work with. As passionate collaborators, we place a high value on process and the challenge of saying, “YES! Let’s figure out how together.”

What makes you different from a marketing agency?

We’re a bit different, although we tag-team well with marketing and ad agencies! We specialize in media creation for artists - so hypothetically, an agency could hire us to shoot the promotional footage they need for their upcoming Broadway show, or celebrity artist. But then we hand over the reins in terms what you choose to do with that footage to promote your brand.

What am I buying exactly?

You’re buying a process, team of collaborators, and a video product.

How does this all go down?

It all starts will a consultation so we can understand your vision, goals, and needs.

Then we propose a budget, timeline, and expert team members to bring to the table. Once approved, we develop a curated process to support these initiatives.

We stay in consistent communication throughout the process to make sure everyone is on the same page and pivot as needed. Each process is individual, but we have certain structures and procedures that are applicable to all projects. 

What’s the commitment?

We work on retainer and require a contract with each client. Timelines vary based on the scope of work. 

What if I’m not in the arts?

That’s okay! Although we specialize in the entertainment industry, our process and methods are applicable to many other industries. We are open to working on projects outside of entertainment as long as it is a fit in terms of expectations and capabilities. We only work with clients where we can offer value to the project and set everyone up for success. 



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