Professional Tools + Strategies

UP Level Your Career

Secure an A-list team and continually book major roles with professional tools you’re proud to share. If you’re feeling stuck, defeated, or confused, it may be time to invest in more training, new photos, fresh videos, up-to-date website, daily social media, or more.

Stop trying to do everything on your own! Unlike most one-off, pay-to-play studios, we’re interested in an intimate, consistent, and all encompassing developmental experience. We want to help you make a prioritized plan, take consistent action steps, and enthusiastically approach the idea of building a real brand!

1:1 Consulting clients normally falls under these categories:

  • Career coaching for artists.

  • Business advice to artist-entrepreneurs.

  • Private productions/events.

  • Executive coaching and accountability.

  • Unique project management.

For your specific needs, please reach out and we’ll see if it’s a fit!

Every great artist and achiever has stories of turning things around. It’s easiest to let your survival job, most recent rejection, or this crazy city shift the trajectory of your daily life and lifetime career. But that diminishes your divine talents and the impact you’re here to make. If you’re seeking a fresh start, and want someone to partner with you on your career development, you're in the right place.

Now is the time.







How does this go down?

One-on-one consulting is offered on a limited basis, pending availability. Please fill out the questionnaire to inquire about availability and see if our services are right for you!

Can you work with my team?

We work with all kinds of teams! Composers and developing theatrical productions, artistic start-ups, celebrity brand teams, etc.

What do I need to get started?

It’s hugely helpful if you come to the table with a vision and/or clear goals, and a budget in mind. This will help to paint the picture for us so we can properly evaluate and propose a path forward. 

What’s the commitment?

It depends! Some clients are interested in single sessions focusing on a specific scope of work. Other clients are looking for a consistent relationship that tackles long term goals through accountability. We structure the commitment around the need, pending availability. 

Do you offer hourly consulting?


Can I meet with you for a few sessions?


How many people do you work with at a time?

 No more than five. 



Teamwork makes the dream work!