"Casting love my videos... invaluable when I was on tour"

My video library was very light. I didn’t have set pieces of good quality that could be universal for submissions. Branding was about the same, but not having any pro shot media was tough. I was nervous about choosing material, as well as what the preparation process would be. I felt that Ethan and Kenny gave off really professional vibes, and I knew I was really in need of this kind of content. I also felt like it was really organized and that was super important for me while doing an Off-Broadway show at the same time. Ethan is truly invaluable and opened up an entirely new perspective for myself as an actor and person. The coaching he gave me for my pieces was really special. My piece ‘Middle of A Moment’ was a ground up work, completely new to me, and I feel great about that collaboration looking back on it even now. Reel Artistry offers professional, organized, personal media for the serious working actor. Wojcik/Seay Casting love my videos and have invited me in for more projects. I get complemented on them from Actors Access. I’ve spent the last 9 months on the Rock of Ages Tour, and having those videos when I was remote was invaluable.
— Chris Renalds
Tony Howell