"Genuine and invaluable... I love submitting online now!"

I was embarrassed by my video content. I hated having to submit videos because I never thought my videos were as strong as I was when performing in person. Before R.A., I found my branding lack-luster to say the least. I was mainly worried about the financial commitment, but said yes because I trust Kenny. Kenny’s a genuine, strong, talented and kind person. He would never lead someone astray. With him producing, I knew I would end up with an incredible product. He would never let anyone leave with something they weren’t happy with. The process was wonderful. Most reel creation programs, don’t have a step-by-step development process like R.A. And this is what I found invaluable. Being able to work with people in the industry from choosing my material to developing the material made me extremely confident with what I was putting on tape. The biggest change is my confidence when submitting to individual theatres and casting directors. I am no longer embarrassed when trying to submit for a role because I know the videos I am sending in will give a strong introduction to who I am as a performer and, more importantly, as a person. I absolutely love submitting online now because I want people to see my reel! I couldn’t be happier with my experience. When I have new material to put on tape, I fully intend on using Reel Artistry. I wish I could go back more often to film more material!
— Kate Zulauf
Tony Howell